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One in three children in the UK are obese or overweight, new figures suggest.

More than a third (34.7%) of youngsters aged between 5 and 13 are currently obese or overweight, according to Datamonitor research.

That proportion is set to rise to 40% by 2014. Despite 60% of parents trying to eat more healthily, the UK is likely to post Europe’s heftiest increase in childhood obesity over the period.

“It is surprising that Brits are spending so much on both confectionery and savoury snacks,” said Richard Parker, senior consumer analyst at Datamonitor. “Our expenditure [per consumer] is over double that of the US.”

Parker added: “With few UK parents trusting products aimed at children there is a danger of them being overwhelmed by the increasing number of health claims made by new brands and products, such as functional foods and drinks that promise to improve concentration and brain function.

“Simple health messages are more likely to win trust and encourage parents to buy.”

Charlie Wright,
24 June 2010

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  1. Children eating wrong foods, that is true.

    But a bigger problem is that food is constantly offered (and bought). Who taught the children that one needs always to eat? Times away from the table seem to ask for a snack, and times at the table are accompanied by TV.

    The message is: It is always eating time.

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D, physician, author.

    • I think you have made a point that is often missed by others, including me. It is that this is a much deeper problem than the admittedly serious issue of childhood obesity and its implications for later life. These issues go to the heart of what it means to be a materialist, consumer society.
      I have a friend who runs a holistic, integrative therapy centre ( He would say that we need to work with not just the psychological but also the physical and the spiritual elements in our maladies.
      I agree, but, like many research and policy makers, I wish we could find a joined-up solution.
      Sadly, I don’t think a magic bullet exists…unless you know of one?!

      • Of course, I know all the answers … which must be a sure sign of getting old…

        Truth is, Neil, we cannot make decisions for other people. Now, with the Internet, people at least have a chance to hear divergent ideas.

        Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

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