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Manic Organic?


My other half sells fruit and veg for a living (, so I have more than just a professional interest in the nutritional aspects of what we grow and eat.
She tells me that – in the past year – only one of her customers has asked if she would supply organics. This is odd, as journalists and the frantic food fringe always assume that she is an organic believer.
Perhaps the latest work by Dangour and colleagues has something to do with this. They examined how organic and conventionally grown food differentially effect health.
Or they tried to.
They looked at research reports from the past 52 years and could find only 12 published studies that met their (surprisingly low) quality criteria.
They report a distinct ‘heterogeneity’ of of design and quality, study population, exposures tested, and health outcomes measured.
Findings indicate that no clear benefit could be shown from organic food by any of these studies.
Perhaps Barrow Boy’s customers have more sense than the frantic foodies… or maybe the manic organics have more money than sense!

Dangour AD, Lock K, Hayter A, Aikenhead A, Allen E, & Uauy R (2010). Nutrition-related health effects of organic foods: a systematic review. The American journal of clinical nutrition PMID:

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  1. Certainly this “result” has to do with those effects they were looking for are long-term. How could one of those usual measly studies (thirty people, six weeks seems to be the standard) find those effects?

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

  2. Is organic chemistry healthier than inorganic chemistry?

    Do organic chemists live longer than other chemists?

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