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Rational Voting?


E-mail just received from the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Birmingham – something I never received as a student or as a member of faculty…

He was urging me to feel pride in my alma mater tonight as the final election debate is broadcast from the august surroundings of the Great Hall.

Odd to think that the three candidates will be addressing the electorate from the same stage as I did at a mass meeting just before the previous election in 2005.

I was the last to speak and had to wait on the podium for around one and a half hours. I was shaking like a leaf and barely got my words out. Something I am sure won’t be a problem tonight.

In honour of this, I thought I’d pass on this account of a little research on image, health and voting behaviour!

  1. We knew that beauty could be reduced to health – but our voting decisions?? What happened to rational debate? Scares me!

    Then again – there is no substitute for health!

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

    • We kid ourselves that we are wholly rational and, for much of the time, we are. But buying and choosing decisions are influenced by culture, education, experience and upbringing. We know that but so too do the spin doctors and image merchants, so they play on the subliminal psychology of presentation. Last night’s debate was significant for all sorts of reasons but one thing caught my eye – how much make-up the candidates were wearing. (Some of those guys looked orange!) Had they read my blog, they would have realised that for the make-up to work it really has to be invisible!

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