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Premier Points and Aussie Racism


Having listened to the second candidates’ debate last night, I see a wonderful synchronicity about Gordon Brown’s bashing on about the government’s points-based immigration controls and how they have worked so well in that great bastion of liberal democracy: Australia.
Now, I have no particular axe to grind about Oz (other than the obvious sporting rivalries) and, as I have never visited, I do not feel qualified to comment on life down there, first hand. But, it is worth pointing out to the prime minister that Australia is not exemplary in such matters.
In today’s Times Higher Education, the article ‘Danger Down Under’ details a spate of murders and assaults on Indian students in Melbourne and Sydney. Australia has form here. Its racist treatment of indigenous minorities is longstanding and well-documented ( and attacks on asian minorities go back many decades (
So, should our prime minister be aping the Australians? I know he wants to be seen as Gordon the Decisive (Surely an oxymoron?) but this ain’t the right way, surely?

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