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New Year, New Business for the Trold


As the worldwide economy shuddered, shrieked and ran away screaming, the trold wanted to spend more time writing and doing more independent research and so left the confines of the commercial consultancy for a new life as an independent research consultant. The trold wishes his former colleagues well, but working en masse was good troldcraft.. Good luck and may there be much fun and future work for us all.

Re-launching this business is the best decision the trold ever made. He has another 6 weeks for preparation and then it is time to re-launch the good ship Life Research – Social Research Specialists.

When Life Research first sailed the sunlit seas of evaluation and healthcare consultancy, nearly ten years ago, it was by accident. This time, the trold is determined that it will be be design, careful preparation and good organisation with low costs, attention to detail and consistent marketing.

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One Comment
  1. Tom permalink

    Was just looking to see if there were any more updates on the business or to get the brain cells working yet more. Noticed “be be design” instead of “be by design”. Don’t know if potential clients will read but you might want to change (and delete this comment of course). Presumably it is full steam ahead now into the new financial year. Good luck mate.

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