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Musings and jottings from the mind of Trold


I spend most of my life surrounded by busy, busy people who rarely slow down enough to smell the flowers. Some of my colleagues may not like me for saying this but some of the best things about working with interesting ideas and inspiring people is to savour the good use of language and enjoy the interplay of ideas, but you don’t need to give yourself a breakdown or a heart attack doing it. This blog is a collection of ideas and bits of writing that I have enjoyed putting together. Some have been published elsewhere and some not. But they are usually the product of a muse over some idea that has cropped up during the week and which I have written about on a Sunday evening – with a glass of red beside a roaring fire. So, if you feel a bit harassed and hassled by work, go out and watch a sunset, listen to the birds in the garden or park. Enjoy yourself: it’s later than you think…!

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  1. Tom permalink

    Interested to see your Blog and note that you are relaunching your own business.
    The page In Praise of Housemice caught my eye in particular. Is it only that doctors and the healthcare system have changed, or is it that our expectations of those systems have also changed? How can we regain a balance do you think?

  2. trolden permalink

    Yes. Life Research re-launches with the new financial year. So, if you know of anyone who wants any research or consultancy in public health, regeneration or children’s services, just give me a shout.
    We all want much more out of public services and we are far less tolerant of authority. The NHS was set up to deal with people who were just thankful to have survived WWII and didn’t expect to even make their 3 score & 10.
    We have gained much but appear to have lost something special. We need to think about what the other person wants, listen fully, giving all our attention.
    Systems often militate against this, but good manners, empathy and kindness are vital tools in the caring professional’s black bag.

  3. Tom permalink

    As you say, good manners, empathy and kindness are vital tools, but how often are they forsaken for speed and “efficiency”? And, don’t we all feed into that cause wanting immediate answers and to get there the day before yesterday?

    It strikes me that whilst you are raising questions about the health service, the same questions could be applied to the whole of society and to all things. We are changing that – we formulate new rules for how people should behave, how we are responsible and what we may and may not do. I have a feeling those same rules will come back to bite us one day. And yet, we continue to seek change to supposedly better society. It seems to work for some individuals, but what about society as a whole?

    Good luck with the relaunch of Life Research. I doubt I will be able to send custom your way, but I was interested in your weblog. It raises interesting philosophical questions and gets the old brain cells working!

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